W tym trudnym czasie wszyscy staramy się nie poddawać. Dbamy o siebie i innych.

Powstaje wiele akcji mających na celu dodawanie siły i otuchy w dniach, kiedy nie możemy się spotkać, porozmawiać, przytulić…
#16 challenge pojawiła się wśród artystów, którzy, wrzucając krótkie utwory rymowane, wyrażali swoje uczucia na temat obecnej sytuacji.

8 klasy także dołączyły do naszej szkolnej akcji #8 CORONA CHALLENGE
8-mkowe rapy - 8 wersów - 8 klasy - 8 powodów do lepszego humoru!

Coronavirus you are bad!
Seriously, you think that you are mad?
We dont want you anymore!
Leave! close the door!
Holiday is ahead of us
We want to go aboard thus
We have power and good thoughts
We want to meet with friends and do sports!

ERYK   8a
We sit at home for two months,
I play with my best bros,
I cant buy new clothes,
I’m  angry cuz every shop is closed,
Corona get out of our life,
For medics the biggest five,
We have to give them the cheerings,
Because its like hyperdrive,
We cant be  sad,
Corona is annoying like ad,
Im walking with anti virus mask,
On e- lessons I have a lot of ask,
So dont be stupid and #stayathome,
Yea I know we dont like to be alone,
24/7 I have long phonecall,
Im done and greetings to all!

Wiktoria  8b
I’m not a rapper but only a swimmer.
What am I doing here, I dont know but put these rhymes.
Please dont leave me and listen to me.
We are big, we are strong!
Lets get up from these chairs and move our heads.
ts not a shame to help, tell it to a friend.
They say the only swimmer in my head but first stops to help.
Easy to comment that everyone is our brother.
I help you, you help me!
Lets fight this coronavirus and live happily everything.

KUBA  8d
Lubię frytki, lecz nie dziś o tym temat,
dzisiaj wrzucamy ósemkę dla nauczyciela.
Zadań mamy mnóstwo, ale jakoś daję radę
Mój brat na naleśniki kładzie marmoladę.
Zaraz egzaminy, a ja ciągle leżę
Za naukę zaraz może się tu wezmę.
Może jeszcze chwilka albo jeszcze dwie,
Za te osiem wersów piątkę poproszę.
I odrabiam te zadania, głowa nie wyrabia
Dawno już tu wstałem, a śniadania jeszcze nie widziałem
Kończę swoją zwrotkę i idę po szczotkę
Zamiast ośmiu wersów mamy jedenaście.

I like fries but not about that today
today we throw an eight for the teacher.
We have a lot of tasks but somehow it does the trick
My brother puts marmalade on the pancakes
I am going to take exams and Im still lying down
I can start learning here soon,
Maybe a second or two,
Five for these eight verses, please.
And I do my homework, my head doesn’t cope.
I got up here a long time ago and I havent seen breakfast yet.
I finish my verse and go for the brush
Instead of eight verses, we have eleven nice ones
I dont know how long I can still sit at home,
I would be way more better if we could somewhere go.

All the time Coronavirus,
truly have enough of it,
Waiting when its gonna end
Because Im getting sick of it.

Still at least I have my CS GO and thats ok,
Hope that you enjoy it and I wish you a nice day.

Got this challenge and accept it but its hard to write the lyrics,
But please try to keep your head up and remember who just did it!

When you feel wrong
You feel really bad
Take a breath
And go outside with your friend.
Lets go to eat ice creams
Or just on walk
In this hard time
You have to stay strong

Agnieszka   8d
Its corona time and we wont hear it one more time.
Doctors fight with corona,
And w gonna stay at home,
To fight with netfilx syndrom.
Everything will be alright ,
If we win this fight!
So stay at home
And help whole world.

Damian  8c

Amelia  8d
Masks still on the lips we have
This supposedly help
For parties we don’t go
Because we know
That virus we do not want
Two meters from us geet
And we sleep all day in the beat
Summer in Poland spend
Its supposedly help

Julia 8b
We are fighters
we have writers,
who tell you why
we say goodbye
its battle cry,
for you and your red eye.
My sky is close for your black rose.
We have power
to create a flower.
Flowers of life and shine
so now we say
goodbye !

Łucja 8c
Coronavirus we will never forget you,
but we will annihilate it very quickly
you are strong and unconditional,
but we are also like that !
We will never surrender
so stay there until you disappear!
In a moment everything will end
and you will be destroyed to the end !

Weronika    8b
Almost three months sitting at home
Im just starting to feeling alone.

I do my homework everyday
I dont know what should I say.

To end I need four verses yet
But now Im laying on my bed.

Im just waiting from last night
Maybe we can end this fight.

Ola  8d
Hello medical staff,
many nurses here.
Covid laughs in the face.
We have a summer climate.
I think I’ll go crazy soon
because I’m still in bed.
I’m not shopping today.
Fashionable packages today .

Kuba 8c
This is #16 Challenge but 8 verses have,
I remember and help myself
I pay money for a collection once and twice,
The fight is still going on,
We resist and we dont give up
Donate PLN 1 to this collection,
Hold me chinna and you help me and you,
We fight till the end.

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Daria 8a i Martyna 8b
On the life gyrus,
us attacked the virus,
and it doesn't smell like iris
we use gloves and wear masks
and we ask-
about our task,
we are staying at home at quarantine.
The virus isn't  a queen,
please don't make me green.
Netflix is our god,
we spend time on the phone,
we will break the virus code.
Our life isn't colorful,
even we listen to bayerful,
after corona it will be beautiful
now we must be hopeful.

Mirella    8a
Be happy, don`t worry,
I`ll tell you a story,
how brave you can be
when you are a teen.
Keep smiling, be helpful,
hardworking and careful -
the world isn`t just only yours.
Your friends, mum and dad,
they all will be glad
Of Earth happy and with no wars.
Karolina  8 B
Its 3am. Shame. Im awake.
What am I doing wrong for a Gods sake?
Lying in my bed, trying to fall asleep.
Looking for help, Googles saying to count sheep.
SheAr madness.
Ive got nothing better to do, so I’m looking around
and feel like going outside, but I’m not allowed,
thanks to some stupid Chinese disease.
Geez, please, let me forget about the virus.
and enjoy my youth at its finest

autor tekstu - p. E. Kusal - Marcicniec

autor tekstu - Uczniowie


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